Leisure time in Finland

Nature Destinations

A Nature lover will definitely also love Finland!

Finland has a beautiful, clean nature and air pollution is non-existent.

80% of Finland is natural forest. Finland has about 180 000 lakes which covers 10% of Finland´s land area. Finland also has world’s largest archipelago with almost 200 000 islands and skerries.

Here are listed some destinations for a nature lover and these destinations won´t be crowded, in fact you are lucky to see any people at all!


Finnish Lapland is one of the best places on earth to witness the beauty of the Northern Lights. They are visible over 200 days a year due to polar night that lasts from November till January. It is called a polar night because the sun does not rise on north side of the Arctic Circle during this period. However the clear sky full of stars together with the white snow on the ground are creating a magical blue light that lightens the environment and makes it possible to ski and enjoy the outdoors.

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As an opposite to winter the sun does not set in Lapland during the Summer. This phenomena is called the Midnight Sun. Actually light nights can be experienced in whole Finland  during some part of the summer months. Nature in Lapland will look very different during summer when everything is not covered in ice. Summer and fall are especially good times to visit some National parks in Lapland.

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National Parks

There are 39 national parks in Finland. They are all managed by the state and available for all visitors free of charge. The national parks have hiking routes, nature trails and campfire sites. It is possible to enjoy the parks from just a few hours up to several days since it is possible to stay overnight in the parks camping areas that often have also some huts available.

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koli national photo
Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho


There are many ways to enjoy the nature of the Finnish archipelago. Many places have a guest harbor so arriving and even staying overnight in your own boat is possible. Most of the archipelago is also accessible by car, bike and hiking. From bigger cities also a water bus transports people to selected destinations.

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The 250 km long Archipelago Trail starting from the city center of Turku was votes as the best domestic travel destination in Finland. Travelers are able to enjoy the archipelago of Turku through various cycling paths without owning a boat.

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The Kvarken Archipelago is listed as UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. It is a unique terrain that was formed during the melting process of the last ice age. The land in the area is still rising about 1 cm a year since the weight of the ice that covered the area was so great that it pressed the earth down about 800 meters. About 150 meters of this land is still under water and yet to be risen.

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Other Outdoor Activities

Other outdoor activities can be viewed at:

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Canoeing and Kayaking





Mountain biking and Cycling

Culture Destinations

Although Finland is an excellent destination for a nature lover, there are also many places worth visiting for culture-minded people also.

UNESCO world heritage sites

There are six UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites in Finland. They all can be found at : http://www.visitfinland.com/article/unesco-world-heritage-sites/


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Photo by jarsjo
vanha rauma photo
Photo by ShayneTphoto

Summer music festivals

Summer is the time to go out! The endless nights are giving Finns a lot of energy, therefore there is a lot going on during summer, winter is the time to sleep.
Outdoor music festivals are especially popular in Finland and there are more metal band per capita in Finland than anywhere else in the world.
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If you are not into rock bands but seeking more “traditional” cultural experiences, no worries! During summer there are a lot of those too, including Savonlinna Opera Festival and various jazz concerts and even ballet performances.
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The schedule for all cultural events hosted in Finland throughout the year can be seen at:

Theme Parks, Zoos and Amusement parks

There are many nice places to see animals in Finland. In Ranua Zoo it is possible to see polar bears and Ähtäri Zoo is receiving pandas from  China at the end of the year 2017.
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There are also many theme and amusement parks in Finland. Because Finland is the home of a Santa Clause there is of course also a possibility to visit him at his workshop in Santa Park, Rovaniemi.
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Museums and Art Galleries

There are many museums and art galleries in Finland. For more information please visit:

Finnish Design Products

Finns are famous for their simple and ergonomic approach to design. That must be reason why Finnish design classics are maintaining their value from year to another.
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