About Finland

When you buy a real-estate from Finland you buy it for life!

Actually, even longer since by law children are entitled to inherit the property of their parents after they pass away and there are no restrictions in how many generations can inherit the same property.

Finland is a good country to live in!

Below is a list of statistics that will tell you just how good:

  • According to the World Economic Forum:
    • Safest country on earth 2017
    • Most gender equal country in the world 2016
  • According to the Fragile State Index:
    • Most stable country in the world 2017
  • According to the Global Competitiveness report:
    • Least organized crime in the world 2017
    • Most independent judicial system in the world 2017
    • Soundest banks in the world 2017
  • According to Save the Children organization:
    • Second best country to be a girl
    • Mothers and children´s well-being is second highest in the world
  • According to visa restrictions index:
    • The Finnish passport has third most influence in the world
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Finland is clean!

Levels of air pollutants are lowest in Europe and the tap water is drinkable so there is no need to carry water home from a store or stay inside on a beautiful day. Just fill your bottle from a tap and have a walk in a clean air.

Finnish food safety regulations are one of the strictest in the world and therefore Finnish food is really safe to eat. Finland also uses less antibiotics in farming animals than most other countries. A lot of totally organic products are also widely farmed in Finland.

Finland is full of nature!

Finland´s land area is big but the population is not. This means there is a lot of forest and thousands of lakes and islands in Finland. In fact, Finland is the perfect country to enjoy nature in peace without a lot of other people surrounding you. There is a law called “everyman´s right” or “freedom to roam” in Finland that allows anybody to access forests for their own recreation and exercise no matter if they are publicly or privately owned. This includes also the right to pick up berries and mushrooms from the ground.

There are also a lot of nature related vacation possibilities in Finland. For more information about those please check our page “Leisure time in Finland”.

Finnish education is great!

Finnish primary school education is ranked as number one in the world and higher level education is also one of the best in the world. Finland is also the most literate country in the world and children are experiencing the second least amount of inequality in the world.

Read more about the education in Finland from our page “Education in Finland”

Getting permanent residence permit or even Finnish citizenship is relatively easy!

Non-EU citizens need a visa to enter EU and therefore also Finland. With tourist visa, it is possible to stay up to 90 days in Finland (or other EU-countries). For longer stay a residence permit is needed.

Non-EU citizens can apply residence permit in Finland based on studies in Finland, work in Finland, moving to Finland to be with a family member and some other grounds.

Fixed term residence permit is either temporary, that means they are extended one year at a time, or continuous, that means it can be extended up to four years at a time.

Residence permit can also be Permanent. Fixed term residence permit becomes permanent after the person has lived in Finland for four years. (Leaving Finland because of normal holiday travels is of course allowed).

A person can apply for a Finnish citizenship if:

  1. He/she speaks Finnish or Swedish language
  2. Has established identity
  3. Has been resident in Finland ongoing for five years
  4. Has not been in prison
  5. Can establish a livelihood beyond any doubt (sufficient income from work or other sources)
  6. Has fulfilled all payment obligations (no unpaid taxes etc.)

Since Finland is in EU all people possessing Finnish citizenship or residence permit are allowed to travel around other EU-countries without having to apply any additional visas. With Finnish citizenship a person is also allowed to work and live in any other EU-country without having to apply for additional work permits or visas.

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